At PVG Global, our mission is focused around maximizing our client and guests productivity and effectiveness by providing a safe, clean and efficiently managed housing facility worry-free

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Our proven track record of successfully providing turnkey solutions speaks of our strength in project planning and execution for an array of local and international customers.

What's more important than a deadline? Nothing.

 PVG Global's core competency has always been providing the onshore and offshore markets with engineered excellence in modular buildings and ancillary support products, and we approach project with proven processes that allows you to focus on what you do best. Our modular units and product lines are designed and manufactured to meet all local codes, and can be supplied in strict accordance to USCG, DNV, Lloyds, ABS, and API 752-3 standards and specifications.

Operating safely and efficiently isn't just a goal, it's how we do business. PVG Global's management has designed its culture, to include practical and effective standards that protect the health and safety of our employees, clients, guests, visitors and the public.

  • Watertight Doors
  • Wall Systems
  • Pre-Fab Wet Units
  • Floating Floors
  • Hatches

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For more than 10 years, PVG Global has remained committed to meeting the needs of its customers by providing high-quality, quick, reliable, innovative, and durable solutions as well as unparalleled customer service. PVG Global has successfully designed, engineered, and manufactured high end quality modular solutions in onshore and offshore locations in both the US and international markets.

At PVG Global, we provide solid solutions to your modular building and accommodation needs on-time, on-spec & on-budget.

Propelled by the motto “If our customer wants it, we innovate to provide it,” PVG Global works to develop innovative solutions that meet the requirements of potential clients and key industry sectors worldwide.

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  • A60 Fire Rated Doors
  • Blast Rated Doors
  • Hydraulic Doors
  • Weathertight Doors
  • A60 Windows

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  • Accommodation Modules
  • Control Buildings
  • Blast Resistant Modules
  • Galleys & Diners
  • Workforce Housing


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