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why Pvg global:

  • An impressive track record, indicative of our commitment to deliver as promised
  • An uncompromising approach to product standards and service delivery
  • Innovative, exciting, world-class food solutions
  • Our passion for service excellence
  • Proactive management structures
  • The ability to always deliver on promises
  • The highest caliber of staff throughout our company
  • Tried and tested operational systems and processes


Food is a basic human need that takes on added value in a remote work camp. Catering quality is almost as important to your workforce as wages – the comfort found in hearty, nutritious catered meals after a tough shift can be the factor that convinces skilled workers to stay on the job.

Quality catering and employee morale
Premium catering in a remote camp setting has a positive effect on turnover rates and productivity. A well-fed workforce is a healthier, happier workforce. PVG Global's remote camp catering menus are designed to give your workers great-tasting meals and better nutrition. The result? Fewer sick days and accidents, enhanced wellbeing, and improved safety. PVG Global's clients are so pleased, they rarely leave us – we enjoy a 99% client retention rate for our remote camp catering services.

Fresh food philosophy
To us at PVG Global, cooking in remote camps does not mean pre-packaged boxes. We create our menus to rely on quality fresh ingredients from top suppliers. Our chefs prepare healthy, hearty meals from scratch with the freshest produce, finest cuts of meat, and brand name products. Our menus and recipes continually evolve to optimize seasonal produce and supplies.

We at PVG Global create customized menus that appeal to different tastes and palates.

With our catering your remote camp worksite, your workers will appreciate the extra effort

we put in to make them happy:

Hands-on kitchen management

PVG Global ensures all our remote camp catering services meet the highest standards for

quality, safety and environmental stewardship.