A panelized modular unit that offers the flexibility to combine units to create an expandable space. Flat-pack units can be adjoined to create a larger footprint (or) stackable upon themselves.

These units are shipped in a knock-down state allowing for 4-6 units to fit inside a single 40HQ sea freight container, resulting in an unparalleled logistical and freight advantage.

Interchangeable SIP (structurally-insulated) wall panels. Move windows and man door locations around as desired. Wall panels are spray-foam insulated, resistance to rot and mold, unlike traditional domestic wooden stick-built units.

Structurally equivalent to an ISO container – units can be lifted by crane, or offloaded by zoom boom or forklift. (dry weight ~5,000 lb each)

Units are stackable, engineered to be self-supporting up to 3 units high for living and use.

Units are designed to be user-friendly. Approximately 8mhrs of assembly time requiring only hand-tools and some overhead lift support.

The flat-pack units share the same dimensions as standard 20ft ISO Containers. This creates tremendous modularity: stack building units atop tool-crib containers (or) above pedestrian corridor units on those congested jobsites. A truly vertical solution for your temporary site facilities! Adjoin units together to create a larger complex. These units are the definition of modular!

Available in the following sizes:

20' x 8' Standard Unit

8' x 8' Mini Corridor Unit

10' x 8' Short Unit

16' x 8' Corridor Unit

24' x 8' Extra Long Unit

30' x 8' Over Length Unit

20' x 10' Over Wide Unit

24' x 10' Over Wide Long Unit

Also available with external height of 2591mm (8'6") / 2896mm (9' 6"), Maximum height 3000mm, Packing Height: 648/864mm

Two Module Interconnectable                       Three Module Interconnectable                       Four Module Interconnectable

flat pack modular solutions


What truly sets PVG's modular solutions apart from the rest is our capacity to deliver a highly engineered, superior product… when and where you need it, any time of the year.  

The PVG modular system is similar to that of other pre-fabricated systems in that we build modular components off-site and assemble them where they are needed... but that is where the similarities end. PVG, has taken pre-fab to the next level.  The PVG modules are built around a far stronger exoskeleton making them much more versatile, durable and far easier to relocate. The Star House modules are typically 320 to 480 square feet (30-45 square meters) purpose built and designed to meet local building codes at the point of use. Conforming to ISO shipping container standards, PVG modules take advantage of the efficiencies of intermodal transportation systems, reducing transportation costs and logistical constraints. 

The PVG CSA A277 certified modules are built in our ISO 9001-14001 factory in a controlled environment where we can continuously monitor the quality to ensure a superior final product. Each module is shipped virtually complete including all furnishings, fixtures, equipment and electronics. They strength and durability of the PVG module means it can be shipped safely anywhere in the world over the harshest terrain and erected on site in weeks, or even days.ype your paragraph here.

rapid response    -    quick assembly     -     expandable     -    low cost housing     -      Emergency response deployment