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A panelized modular unit that offers the flexibility to combine units to create an expandable space. Flat-pack units can be adjoined to create a larger footprint (or) stackable upon themselves.

These units are shipped in a knock-down state allowing for 4-6 units to fit inside a single 40HQ sea freight container, resulting in an unparalleled logistical and freight advantage.

Interchangeable SIP (structurally-insulated) wall panels. Move windows and man door locations around as desired. Wall panels are spray-foam insulated, resistance to rot and mould, unlike traditional domestic wooden stick-built units.

Structurally equivalent to an ISO container – units can be lifted by crane, or offloaded by zoom boom or forklift. (dry weight ~5,000 lb each)

Units are stackable, engineered to be self-supporting up to 3 units high for living and use.

Units are designed to be user-friendly. Approximately 8mhrs of assembly time requiring only hand-tools and some overhead lift support.

The flat-pack units share the same dimensions as standard 20ft ISO Containers. This creates tremendous modularity: stack building units atop tool-crib containers (or) above pedestrian corridor units on those congested jobsites. A truly vertical solution for your temporary site facilities! Adjoin units together to create a larger complex. These units are the definition of modular!

Available in the following sizes:

20' x 8' Standard Unit

8' x 8' Mini Corridor Unit

10' x 8' Short Unit

16' x 8' Corridor Unit

24' x 8' Extra Long Unit

30' x 8' Over Length Unit

20' x 10' Over Wide Unit

24' x 10' Over Wide Long Unit

Also available with external height of 2591mm (8'6") / 2896mm (9' 6"), Maximum height 3000mm, Packing Height: 648/864mm

Two Module Interconnectable                       Three Module Interconnectable                       Four Module Interconnectable

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