DWP252R   25mm   B-0


DAEJIN Wall Panel System provides refined designs as well as outstanding durability various color finishes. Furthermore, our wall panels are qualified with special functions such as sound reduction, fire protection, and safety capabilities. Based on a big market share in domestic markets, DAEJIN will continuously develop our systems with a high quality and level of design.


DAEJIN Wall Panel System consists of panels and related joining profiles. Panels have Meneral Wool inside as a core material and covered with PVC laminated steel sheets on both sides in general and to be connected with proper joining profiles. All panels have the standard width of 600mm and the heights(lengths) are to be determined as per distances from deck to ceiling

ceiling systems

DWP503HN   50mm   B-15

DWP503H   50mm   B-15

DWP100H   100mm   B-60

DAEJIN Wet Modules can be divided into several types such as shower type, bath type, hospital type, public type and etc as per its designs and specifications and also provide following additional advantages:

● Flexible design
● Easy installation
● Easy maintenance
● Competitive price

DAEJIN Wet Modules are fully prefabricated systems for marine accommodations and provide following advantages:

● Ready for use
● Totally prefabricated
● Light but Strong
● Perfect Water-proof


DWP252D   75mm   B-15

DWP503C   50mm   B-15

DAEJIN Ceiling Panel System is designed to comply with SOLAS 1974 Safety Regulations and is approved by all major authorities and classification societies. Our lightweight ceiling system provides strength and durability as well and is designed for both traditional and modular constructions. All parts are manufactured with high standards and best quality to ensure accurate and perfect installation. Our ceiling system also offers a large range of integrated accessories such as luminaires, downlights, loudspeakers and etc.

DAEJIN Ceiling Panel System consists of panels and various accessories. Panels have Mineral Wool inside as a core material and covered with many types of finishes on one side. Our types of system are to be divided as per many of detailed factors such as finish materials, joining types, functional specifications and etc.

prefabricated wet units


DWP252    25mm   B-0

DWP503    50mm   B-15

DWP503R   50mm   B-15


DAEJIN provides not only functional but aesthetic marine doors. With decades of experiences from a variety of projects in marine & offshore industries, DAEJIN has built its own know-how and has kept highest technology standards as a leading manufacturer of marine & offshore doors. At the same time, all the products are certified by almost all kinds of major classification societies. We confidently promise to always provide the state-of-the-art technology and the most price-competitive solution to fulfill our valued customer's needs.