PVG Global's vast experience in delivering all essential services under extreme conditions, mean we can manage your camp perfectly, coordinating all aspects of the day to day operation. This could also mean managing subcontractors and in fact any other body that is either on site permanently or periodically. This ‘client interface’ is the key to the smooth running of a facility.

To further enhance our control, PVG Global uses the latest Camp Management software to keep a track of people and resources in all of our workforce housing facilities. This gives us a great insight into the camp operation, insights we can quickly share with our clients.

Clients benefit from PVG Global teams’ genuine expertise, which spans complex logistics and upkeep, such as camp maintenance, supply management, fire safety, air conditioning, plumbing, electrical repairs and waste management. The management of the site is at the core of what we do. Getting this right is the key to happy residents and happy residents make happier workers and happier workers are productive workers.

A site that is not clean can leave a very bad impression on both residents and visitors, at PVG Global we make sure that whenever we are contracted to provide cleaning services, all of our staff work to the very highest standards and follow a strict plan of cleaning protocols.

PVG Global also always have an eye towards the sustainability of our actions. Where possible we will use eco-friendly and biodegradable products and always minimise our power consumption and use of water.



facility management

  • New Guest Orientations
  • On Site Safety Training
  • Written Code of Conduct
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Effective Client & Guest Communications
  • Guest Feedback Participation