Providing peace of mind for our clients, guests and the community.

PVG Global, along with our team member security provider, offers clients with security solutions designed to meet industry standards while remaining cost-effective.

We provide specialized training and certifications in conformity with specific industry requirements.  Among those are First Aid/CPR Certifications, AED, DOD Cleared Services, MARSEC, TWIC, C-TPAT, TAPA, CCSP, and CFATS.

  • Specialized facility security programs designed for specialized workforce housing environments.
  • Client-specific quality evaluation system, which measures internal operating efficiencies and performance on-site.
  • Active safety program, resulting in injury rates well below industry norms.
  • Responsive leadership that meets clients’ expectations and employee needs

We understand what is required to maintain a professional and safe working environment. Our menu of Technology Solutions effectively combines manpower with technology.  The result is lower operating costs and a strong, efficient residential security service.  Our virtual guard system is an excellent choice for most residential security clients, providing central station alarm monitoring as well as “voice down” access control that can reduce the overall manpower needs.