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DAEJIN Wall Panel System provides refined designs as well as outstanding durability various color finishes. Furthermore, our wall panels are qualified with special functions such as sound reduction, fire protection, and safety capabilities. Based on a big market share in domestic markets, DAEJIN will continuously develop our systems with a high quality and level of design.

DAEJIN Wall Panel System consists of panels and related joining profiles. Panels have Mineral Wool inside as a core material and covered with PVC laminated steel sheets on both sides in general and to be connected with proper joining profiles. All panels have the standard width of 600mm and the heights(lengths) are to be determined as per distances from deck to ceiling.

  DWP252                  25MM                          B-0                            32dB

  DWP503                  50MM                          B-15                          33dB

DWP503C                  50MM                         B-15                          33dB

DWP503H                   50MM                        B-15                          44dB

DWP252D                    75MM                       B-15                          51dB 

DWP503HN                 50MM                       B-15                          46dB 

DWP252R                    25MM                      B-0                            32dB

DWP503R                   50MM                       B-15                          33dB  

DWP100H                   100MM                     B-60                          46dB                    

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