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We can offer our Clients

     Spacious & Comfortable Rooms

     Recreation Areas

     Dining Facilities



     Commissary Store


     Computer Lounge

     Onsite Security

     Onsite Management

     Laundry Facilities

     Housekeeping Services

     Guest Orientation

     Proven Operating Procedures

PVG Global workforce housing

onsite service spaces to feel just like the comfort of home

comfortable & spacious rooms to relax in after a work day

PVG Global's robust expertise in delivering critical, turnkey projects on time has solidified the company's standing as a  leader within the workforce housing sector. The company works with customers, tailoring its products and services to work for the customer’s specific project, tight timeline and goals.

From site design and production to installation and on-site management and maintenance, PVG Global 

provides a seamless, stress-free experience that enables customers to focus on what they do best. By

addressing concerns and issues in a prompt manner on site, providing quality products that hold up to

extreme conditions and coordinating the process of dismantling or relocating a site, PVG Global's

experienced team members offers our customers peace of mind which instills a sense of confidence.

Uses for Our Workforce Housing Solutions
PVG Global provides a wide range of solutions to serve all types of workforce housing project

requirements. Below you will see a list of our various types of workforce modular buildings. These

products meet the needs of those looking for:

Temporary or semi-permanent structures
Workforce Accommodations                     Offices
Kitchen and Dining                                    Recreation Facilities
Laundry Areas                                          Administration Facilities
Drilling and Rig Camps                             Dormitories
Guardhouses                                            Hospitals and Clinics
Hotels                                                       Disaster Relief Housing Facilities
Schools                                                    Religious Facilities

Offshore Living Quarters                          Barge Flotels

Flat Pack Modules                                   Modular Buildings

deigned and constructed facility  for a stress free stay

Designs to meet your project needs, local codes & environment

comfort        connectivity      cuisine      cleanliness